Gold chain draped across a pink rose.

Jewellery with staying power

14k solid gold, 14k gold filled, and sterling silver bracelets, bonded on with an instant spark in Melbourne.

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Loubelle permanent jewellery is a connection like no other

Permanent jewellery is secured around the wearer by welding a link within the chain. A laser-precision spark melts metal together for a permanent bond. It happens in a millisecond and is safe and immediately cool to the touch. 

Give your guests the most memorable gift

Loubelle can attend your special event in Melbourne.

Share the experience with your partner, friend, parent, or anyone special in your life. A bond to represent a bond.

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Effortless style for all

Jewellery that goes with you always, reminiscent of a moment.

A friendship memento; a connection for the sweetest crew; a bond to represent a bond.