Is it permanent?

A friendship memento; a connection for the sweetest crew; a bond to represent a bond.

Permanent jewellery is secured around the wearer by welding a link within the chain, and has no clasp for daily removal. A laser-precision spark of electrical energy creates a plasma discharge that melts metal together for a permanent bond. It happens in a millisecond and is safe and immediately cool to the touch. 

Jewellery will last as long as you let it - taking care of your jewellery ensures a life span of months to years. 

You can travel with permanent jewellery; metal detectors do not require jewellery removal. You may need to remove permanent jewellery for medical procedures. 

Just like any jewellery, the chain will break if caught or pulled hard. 

To remove the permanent jewellery, cut a link of the chain with scissors.

You can have it re-welded on, or have a clasp applied to make it into a traditional jewellery piece.